Narator              : one day [in] state of alengkadireja, Rahwana go to house of Sinta. He want get married with her.


Rahwana                : good morning Sinta!!

Sinta                       : Who are you?? (surprised). I’am Surprised

Rahwana                : introducing, I am rahwana from alengkadiraja

Sinta                       : what you will come to this place.

Rahwana                : I wish your wife.

Sinta                       : What…?? I do not want to, your face black, I don’t like it. I have had husband candidate.

Rahwana                : if so you have to follow me (forcing)

Sinta                       : ( refusing )


Narator                   : without platitude of Rahwana direct kidnap Sinta to [in] bringing to Country of Alengkadiraja. This Matter [in] knowing by guard and report to Rama


Prajurit                   : report sir!!

Rama                : what is it??

Prajurit              : Dewi Sinta have been kidnapped.

Rama                : who dare to kidnap my wife candidate??

Prajurit                   : so called someone [of] rahwana.

Rama                      : Blighter!!! we have to help Sinta. Let now we go to place of Rahwana


Narator                   : Considerably fulminate the Rama and soldier of going to place of Rahwana.


Rama                      : Hey Rahwana, Delivering Sinta

Rahwana                : Cannot, she will become my wife.


Narator                   : at the (time) of war, Rahwana fail and go.


Prajurit                   : (consorting Sinta)

Rama                      : Are you OK??

Sinta                       : Yes, I’am OK

Rama                      : Let’s we go home..

Sinta                       : OK…


Narator                   : They are married and happy life forever!?